Monday 20th January 2014


Not wanting to sound like a dubious 1980s pop song, Mondays are always manic. I am getting better at handling the low level stress that comes with Mondays, I can focus a bit more on the here and now rather than fret about things that may or may not happen. And despite it’s manic quality, hurrying from A to B, I do always meditate on the train. Even whilst standing up if needs be (quite frequently). Next time you spot someone on the tube or train with their eyes closed, remember they might not be sleeping. I used to feel self conscious, I never snooze in public but I soon let all that go when I realised, with a busy life and two young kids, sitting on the train is as close to a retreat as I often get. Maybe I need to rename today manic yet mindful Mondays. Today’s total practice time: 30 minutes

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

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