Reasons to be cheerful


In the spirit of using gratitude to live more mindfully I was thinking today about reasons to be cheerful in this, the deepest mid winter month. A time when many are more financially challenged than usual and yet seeking solace in wine is not an option as so many of us now undertake a dry January. ‘Roll on February’ may be a logical response but it’s not really observing the most fundamental part of mindfulness: that of living in the moment. So here are my reason’s to be cheerful despite all the above ringing true for me:

  1. It’s the weekend!
  2. I went for a lovely walk this morning with a friend. Two whole hours outdoors chatting, moving and discovering a hidden corner of my small town.
  3. The children were a delight today.
  4. I squeezed in 20 minutes of silent meditation.
  5. I just had a nice meal with the hubby to kick off the weekend (OK it was accompanied by nothing stronger than fizzy water but se la vie!)
  6. My son’s hyacinth, which he planted himself at the school Xmas fare and then carried proudly all the way home has finally bloomed and is filling the kitchen with the sweet smell of spring soon-to-come.
  7. This latter point inspired me to put a snowdrop Sunday event in the diary – truly the loveliest way to mark the start of spring


1 thought on “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Lovely post Bec! I’m looking forward to seeing the hyacinth on Wednesday and also looking forward very much to snowdrop Sunday! XX

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