Sunday 26th January 2014


A rainy Sunday in winter when you are cooped up in the house with two energetic small children can be a trying affair. Luckily today it has felt something of a rare luxury instead of a bind. It is a rarity to have a whole day with absolutely nothing on – no commitments to meet our friends or obligations to take one or both of the kids to a party or class. Today we’ve done home made porridge – I make this every Sunday but today, knowing there was no hurry to be anywhere I let the kids ‘help’. This inspired a family made batch of flapjacks which smell delicious as they cook. So far there has been no TV, saving the ‘big guns’ till later, the kids have been promised a film this afternoon which might even allow me and the hubby a well earned cuppa and read of the paper. We could probably all do with more go-nowhere Sundays. Total practice time today: 30 minutes

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

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