2nd February 2014


It’s been a lovely weekend, mainly because I listened to my body and took note. I have had a sniffling cold for ten days and it still hasn’t gone. Yesterday I was due to go to a conference in London on education ‘From cradle to grave’ but when I woke up still sniffling I decided I needed a day off from commuting and tearing around. It’s good to take a foot off the pedal but sometimes, on the hamster wheel of life, it’s easier to just plough on. I always used to plough on but recently I notice I am making more skilful choices. A day off was much needed. Obviously being stuck in a house with two children is not really a day off but it was a slightly more restful day at least.  Today a friend was having afternoon tea at a stately home with cake a plenty for her birthday. We talked about the merits of being civilised V going dancing. When did you stop dancing? Is a question often asked on mindfulness courses, I loved being civilised on someone else’s behalf and yet decided for my own birthday I want to dance! Today’s total practice time: 15 minutes

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

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