Stress Test


‘I won’t be sad to see the back of this week’, is something we all have cause to say from time to time. I have had one such week – it started with me thinking I may have set my house a flame thanks to a pair of hair straighteners I had left on (which in fact I hadn’t even left on) and continued via a call from school saying one of the kids had bumped their head and continued with a tube strike that greatly increased my commuting time on Wednesday. As I stood on a platform of the London overground and shuffled slowly forward to the edge of the platform flanked on all sides by other slightly grumpy commuters, I looked at the sky which was a rare thing – blue – and tried to appreciate the moment.  Admittedly after 25 minutes of shuffling toward the front of the platform in which time 5 trains had been and gone without me boarding them, this got harder to do but I tried to keep my beginner’s mind alive with thoughts of ‘well this is something that doesn’t happen everyday’. The situation couldn’t be changed, the only control I had was my attitude to it.

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

1 thought on “Stress Test

  1. So true and something we should all try to remember – though it may be a hard task for those living on the Somerset Levels at the moment!

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