Monday 10th February 2014


Getting trapped in the funnel of exhaustion is something we teach on mindfulness courses. It goes a bit like this: you start to put loads of effort into one thing. This could be a high powered and time consuming job, this could be bringing up kids or doing up a house. We pile more and more tasks onto ourselves and slowly we start dropping all the other things in our lives that give us nourishment because we believe we no longer have time for them. We stop doing yoga, stop cooking, stop seeing friends. Perhaps we start doing depleting activities: we watch too much TV, drink alcohol or eat  junk food. Our life starts to feel imbalanced and it can feel as though we are on a treadmill . We have gone from living to merely existing. Before doing mindfulness training I probably fell down the tunnel of exhaustion once or twice a year. Now I recognise the signs: I don’t want to do yoga probably means I really need to do yoga. It’s been a busy few weeks, organising a course at a new venue and recruiting for it have been taking up a lot of my time but it’s also been a great learning experience. And now I do daily meditation the tunnel of exhaustion is so much easier to avoid. Total practice time: 30 minutes on the train.

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

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