Mindful Movement


Last year I was lucky enough to be an examiner for the first time. I can’t claim it was my dream job but it gave me a great opportunity to put into practice all the things I had been learning to teach. Get up, stretch, breathe. It helped me to avoid repetitive strain injury. Examining wasn’t the laid back affair I had imagined of having a pile of papers to work through as I sipped a cup of tea.

It’s all on line now. So there was much clicking of the mouse, much eye strain, much stiff back and arms if you got locked into a zone of not wanting to leave. Mindfulness ensured I didn’t get sucked into that funnel of exhaustion. I took a stand up break on the hour every hour and just walked round the room for a few minutes until I was ready to sit down and face the 1,000 paper mountain I was working towards.

Teaching mindful movement, the walking meditation and a bit of Qi Gong is one of my favourite parts of an eight week course, finally for those unable to sit still there is solace. Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting still we can inhabit the here and now with kind compassion as we stretch and walk. I frequently do it on the school run, aware that as I walk those last ten minutes before the kids re-enter my world, it’s that final grab at calm before the cycle of park/homework/dinner/baths/bed demands all my attention.

Those ten minutes of mindful walking make me more ready than ever to be hijacked by those oft demanding off spring of mine!

Today’s total practice time: 40 minutes movement and body scan

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

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