At the hairdressers


Most of us have activities we would rather avoid, and for me, up there with sitting exams and doing door-to-door charity collecting, as I once did while backpacking, it is going to the hairdressers.

I clearly am not a typical woman as I know many women who love nothing better than spending three hours having their hair dyed while idly chatting away about holidays with their young hairdresser. I also know quite a few women who also loathe going and begrudge paying ¬£33 or whatever for a forty minute cut and blow dry. I like my husband’s idea of buying a pair of clippers and just doing it yourself for as long as you can reach round the back of your head but it’s quite a radical, bold (no pun intended) move for a woman.

So instead I go to the hairdressers as infrequently as possible, get the most low maintenance of cuts and grin and bear it as best I can. Today I tried something different, I accepted I disliked it and then as I sat bored in the chair I meditated. It had never occurred to me before, I think the whole experience sends me so off kilter I have never had the wherewithal to consider meditating.

It made a disliked and boring activity seem much more interesting. By taking to heart Jon Kabat-Zinn’s words of allowing life to be our teacher and treating our lives as one long experiment in awareness we can turn the moments we dislike into something more, a chance to learn and see how we flinch at those parts of our lives we simply can’t avoid.

Today’s Total Practice Time: 1 hour


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