Frantic World – Online Course

Frantic World – Online Course

Missed the start of an eight week course? Pressed for time? Irregular working pattern? Unable to join a group right now? It can be a challenge finding the time to undertake an eight week course to set you off on your mindfulness journey to better levels of wellbeing.

The Frantic World – Online Course has been designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of people who cannot always access a mainstream mindfulness class. Perhaps because of financial restraints, lack of childcare or working patterns accessing an eight week mindfulness course has so far eluded you.

The Frantic World – Online Course aims to bridge the gap between face to face courses and traditional online learning by utilising the best of both options. With the Frantic World – Online Course you can purchase the bestselling Mindfulness Book by Mark Williams and colleagues and then be supported on your mindfulness journey by a UK listed mindfulness teacher and follow the 8 week course in your own home at times that suit you.

Included in the price of the course is 2 x 1 hour Skype sessions, 2 x 30 minute sessions (3 hours online teaching support in total) + email support in between sessions. At the end of the course you will be signposted to other online content and apps to continue supporting your mindfulness journey.

To engage with this innovative online Eight Week Mindfulness Programme, first ensure there is a teaching slot that works for you and then purchase your package.

Step one:

Check time slots and purchase one that works for you by following this Eventbrite link: coming soon Your teacher will then contact you to firm up you course schedule. Once your slots are confirmed be sure to add these dates to your diary/planner so you are available at the time slots purchased

Step two:

Borrow or purchase the Mindfulness Finding Peace in a Frantic World book, UK residents may like to follow these links, choosing between an ebook or hard copy.–A-practical-guide-to-finding-peace-in-a-frantic-world/1933398–A-practical-guide-to-finding-peace-in-a-frantic-world/11480160

Most UK libraries have a copy of this book but you will need access to the book for the eight weeks of the course.

Step three:

Make time for the course and ensure you are in a place that allows you to participate in the course with a good internet connection and Skype account and commit to the daily home practice in between each session.

What do I need? Internet with Skype connection, a copy of the Frantic World book, time to dedicate to daily home practice, curiosity to cultivate mindfulness and a good motivation to undertake this through an online course.

Read the course overview here: coming soon

By purchasing an online course you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated here: coming soon