Monthly Archives: December 2013

Tuesday 17th December 2013

This has gone from being a daily blog to being a weekly blog to being a sporadic blog. Life as always gets in the way but despite the absence of a post for 3 weeks the practice has been going well. Everyday I do something between 10-30 minutes. Today I have a poorly child at home so it is unlikely to reach more than 20 minutes today but the most interesting thing is how I feel. Usually at Christmas I feel busy and slightly stressed but this year I feel relaxed, excited, happy. I have done all that needs to be done bar wrapping gifts and a bit of food shopping. And socially I have been cautious about saying yes to every invite that comes my way and with the exception of one boozy mums’ night out I have stayed pretty sober throughout. So a relaxed, healthy and mindful Christmas! Today’s total practice time: 20 minutes