Mindfulness in the Work Place

Mindfulness is fast becoming popular in the work place. Companies like Google, the NHS and Transport for London have recently been providing their employees with mindfulness training. Mindfulness training can lead to fewer absences due to stress related illness and chronic pain. Also a more mindful work force can often mean a more creative and flexible work force.

In 2016 The Mindfulness Initiative launched their paper on Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace. This document is primarily intended as a resource for those developing a business case for mindfulness training within their own organisation. It provides an updated summary of the research evidence, narrative rationales, case studies and a range of toolkits to help with programme planning for mindfulness in the workplace. You can read this publication by following the link here: themindfulnessinitiative.org.uk/…/building-the-case

Currently This Mindful Life CIC provides mindfulness training in a variety of work place settings in London, Hertfordshire and Cambridge. These range from stand alone taster sessions to eight week courses. All workplace courses come with clear well-produced presentation materials and eight week courses or full day sessions come with handouts for participants to take away. Recently This Mindful Life CIC has provided in-house mindfulness training to organisations as diverse as Cambridge City Council UNISON, Bishops Stortford Children’s Centre, Groundworks, Ladbrooks, Which Magazine and The Refugee Council at their London and regional offices.

If you would like to book an in-house mindfulness session for your company please contact thismindfulife@yahoo.co.uk

As a CIC This Mindful Life is committed to providing mindfulness training to organisations that might not usually be able to afford such training packages, please contact directly if you wish to discuss further concessionary rates.

Example Work Place Mindfulness Training and Costings offered by This Mindful Life:

Event Type Price  
Private Sector Voluntary or Public Sector
One hour taster session £200 £120
Two hour taster session £300  £200
Full day Introduction to Mindfulness Session £750 £650
In-house Eight Week Mindfulness-Based Programme £1200 (fortnightly – 4 sessions)

£2000 (weekly – 8 sessions)

£1000 (fortnightly – 4 sessions)

£1600 (weekly – 8 sessions)

For further details, prices or to book a one-to-one class or a course for your workplace contact: thismindfullife@yahoo.co.uk 

Mindfulness-Based Courses are also available as a one-to-one class, in person or via skype. 

What can mindfulness offer the work place?




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