I collect feedback at the end of each course I deliver. If  participants agree to having their comments added to my website I post them here.

  • ‘Excellent course – very beneficial. I do not think anyone would not benefit from attending this course.’
  • ‘Gradually learning to pay attention to my thoughts. It’s like discovering a new world!’
  • ‘Really good course, very well taught. I felt like you were always very attentive to our needs and concerns. Would highly recommend it.’
  • ‘The pace is good…I realise small steps are more beneficial.’
  • ‘Thank you for your kindness and patience – you are doing a great job.’
  • ‘Great course. Very calm, open, sharing.’
  • ‘It’s actually quite hard work. I am finding the home practice beneficial but not easy.’
  • ‘Discovering the different meditations each week is really interesting.’
  • ‘I’m learning to notice more, accept more and persevere.’
  • ‘Thank you for your kind teaching and letting me feel I could be myself and contribute when I felt like it, or not.’
  • ‘Best thing from Becky: “Just do it” and “There’s no such thing as a bad meditation”, these ideas have really helped me on my journey so far.’
  • ‘A highlight has been the meditations and learning about how the mind works. Also the nice cup of tea in the break.’
  • ‘I’m learning about the patterns of thoughts and being more aware of them and recognising them.’
  • ‘Becky has excellent teaching skills and brilliant delivery.’
  • ‘Becky thank you for your quiet calm and grounded energy. Your experience shines through.’
  • ‘Heartfelt integrity, honest and still; a lovely presence.’
  • ‘Very good communication and empathy.’
  • ‘You have a very calming delivery that feels safe and enabled me to be present.’
  • ‘The teaching is excellent and the home practice is enjoyable – I thought it would be a chore.’
  • ‘I’m enjoying learning about me and how to be still.’
  • ‘Following the course has helped me to rationalise my thoughts and given me greater clarity at times.’
  • ‘I am definitely changing my way of thinking.’
  • ‘I certainly learned calming skills and whilst I’m going through a lot of stress in many areas of my life at the moment, I feel empowered by the skills to manage it better now.’
  • ‘Life changing. I have learned to accept things as they are, trust myself and be more open, enjoy and enrich my life. (I have tried counselling, writing things down, hitting things and throwing plates – none worked).’
  • ‘I have enjoyed the group discussions, weekly goals, long class meditations and introduction to mint tea!’
  • ‘The guided meditation in class makes a real difference to me.’
  • ‘I feel I’m approaching situations more calmly to start with.’
  • ‘I have found the instructions and teaching very clear. Good written materials.’
  • ‘I now find it much easier to control my emotions. The course has taught me how to let go of my thoughts – especially negative – plus reduce my stress.’
  • ‘I’m learning how to let thoughts come and go and just observing, not getting too involved with them.’
  • ‘I’m more conscious of my thoughts, stepping out to breathe at moments during the day, calmer walking, not letting arguments run wild.’
  • ‘I feel I understand mindfulness more clearly and meditation in general. I don’t think I’m being as self critical either which I hope will lead to me being able to live less anxiously and in the moment.’
  • ‘I have found the group environment really helpful – hearing other people’s experiences has helped me to get over my inhibitions.’

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