Monthly Archives: September 2013

Friday 27th September 2013

Another busy day distributing flyers for my new course. I managed to do my 3 minute breathing space first thing, then 10 minutes on the train and 10 minutes walking meditation. Total practice time: 20 minutes

Thursday 26th September 2013

Busy day yesterday. Squeezing in a couple of ten minute meditations on the train was all I managed. I also managed to do a standing meditation while waiting for a train! Total practice time: 25 minutes Today I have no excuse except trying to advertise my new course, I have been desk bound all day. Ten minutes this morning plus my frequent 3 minute breathing space on waking up. I need to get out so will do a walking meditation to my allotment. Total practice time: 25 minutes


Tuesday 24th September 2013

The flyers for my new course finally arrived on Saturday so today I was distributing them in and around CB1 in Cambridge. People were so lovely about displaying flyers, I really could not have asked for more – the sun was shining and I felt optimistic about filling up this new course. I did a 3 minute breathing space when I woke up and then did twenty minutes sitting meditation on the train back home. I also did a walking meditation from the station to mine which takes about 10 minutes. Total practice time: 30 minutes

Monday 23rd September 2013

I got caught up making pickles yesterday – a first, in an attempt to use up some green tomatoes. I managed to do 15 minutes sitting meditation and 5 minutes Chi qong. Total practice time: 20 minutes Today I did my 3 minute breathing space on waking up and then 10 minutes meditating on the train and 5 minutes walking meditation. Total practice time: Just under 20 minutes

Friday 20th September 2013

I had a bit more time to spare today and decided I would meditate during the day in an empty house while the kids were at school. I thought twenty minutes would be great but as I had no clock to hand and ended up doing 40 minutes straight – wonderful. Also did a walking meditation and my 3 minute breathing space first thing. Lesson learnt today – if I have the time use it to meditate! Total practice time: 50 minutes

Thursday 19th September 2013

It may seem crazy to say that in the last couple of weeks I have been too busy to really give meditation my all, because I have more free time than at any point over the summer. But it’s almost as though having all this free time I have filled it with anything but meditation. My practise, always prone to bittiness, has become even more fragmented. Today I decided I need to make some proper space for meditation, not squeeze it in just before bedtime. I did my 3 minute breathing space as I usually do as I get up. Then I did a walking meditation for 10 minutes. Then I did 10 mins mindful movement and a 15 minute sitting meditation without falling asleep! Feel recharged! Total practice time: 35 minutes

Wednesday 18th September 2013

Remembering to write this blog everyday has been harder than I imagined and this wee I was back at work for training so I envisage going to every other day or even every third day when work really kicks in. Monday 16th September I did 30 minutes mainly on trains, which isn’t always the best but it’s better than nothing. Total practice time: 30 minutes. Yesterday, Tuesday 17th September I did about 15 minutes, mostly at bedtime when I was very tired. Total practice time: 15 minutes Today I have clocked up 20 minutes and plan to do another 10 before bed (if I remember and can stay awake!) Does it ever get easier? Perhaps if my life weren’t so different everyday I would calve out a set time but so far that just hasn’t happened. Total practice time: 30 minutes