Eight Week Courses

This Mindful Life  delivers two eight week secular mindfulness meditation courses.

  1. The Eight Week Mindfulness-Based Programme (MBP) provides a friendly, secular and jargon-free first course in mindfulness aimed at non-clinical populations. This course aims to equip participants with a range of strategies to help reduce stress in daily life. Retention rates for this course are currently 94% and of the participants who have completed the course 90% say it has had a positive impact on their life by week 8. The course follows a rigorous evidence-based curriculum in mindfulness meditation blending MBSR and MBCT practices, coupled with informal practices like paying attention to daily activities and habit busters to encourage genuine life enhancing change.  The Home Practice requirement for this course is 20-30 minutes per day and is suitable for those new to mindfulness with busy lives.
  2. The Eight Week Mindfulness-Based Living Course (MBLC) provides a more in-depth eight week course of mindfulness meditation coupled with paying attention to daily activities throughout the course. The MBLC is secular and is aimed at non-clinical populations. It introduces several new practices not covered in the MBP and also has more emphasis on compassion practices. The Home Practice requirement for this course is 30-40 minutes per day and is suitable for beginners, those with more time on their hands or for those wishing to deepen or consolidate their practice.

To read more about participants’ experiences of the courses follow the link to testimonials.

I also run occasional guided silent practice sessions and retreats aimed at those who already have some experience of mindfulness meditation and would like to practice in a group setting – follow the retreat tab.


2 thoughts on “Eight Week Courses

    1. Hi Clair, Currently I teach eight week courses in Bishops Stortford, Herts and Muswell Hill, North London. I also have practice days coming up in Cambridge and Bishops Stortford. Click on the ‘Courses and Events’ page to see more about future events.
      Kind regards
      This Mindful Life

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