Monthly Archives: October 2013

Saturday 26th October 2013

Half term looms and yesterday was a taste of the week to come. I took the kids up to a museum in London thanks to an inset day and it was full on fun with no time for meditating. Thursday was better I clocked up about 30 minutes. I now try to do a ten minute meditation on rising as that is one of the best times to squeeze in a quick bit of practice. Today I managed yoga followed by a  30 minute body scan. Today’s practice time: 30 minutes


Wednesday 23rd October 2013

After a rather slack weekend on the meditation front (I managed to clock up about 20 minutes in total  for no particular reason other than busyness and forgetfulness in equal measure) I have been making up for it this week. I managed to do 25 minutes on Monday, mainly on trains. I did a twenty minute sitting meditation yesterday and a walking meditation. And today I did twenty minutes on the train and a ten minute walking meditation. Today’s total practice time: 30 minutes

Friday 18th October 2013

It’s been a good week, productive, busy and also meeting up with old friends. I have also felt exhausted as a result! I did 20 minutes practice on Sunday, at home. Monday and Wednesday I practised on the train and then did a walking meditation, probably 20 minutes both days. Tuesday I remembered to meditate before picking up the kids, which is a really nice time to meditate. Quite literally the calm before the storm. Thursday I was not so good at remembering, I did nothing at all yesterday! Today I did my 3 minute breathing space, walked mindfully to my allotment and then decided to meditate for 20 minutes while the house is quiet. I will try and do another 10 minutes before picking the kids up, if I remember. Total practice time today: 30 minutes

Saturday 12th October 2013

I have been trying to knuckle down to writing my schemes of work (SoW) for my job in London but it seems I keep coming up with all manner of avoidance tactics. So far I have done very little. I suddenly felt compelled to have a clean out, rearrange the kids’ rooms, buy a new toilet seat. So the upside is I now have a much tidier, ordered house but still the SoWs hang over me. Tomorrow, I keep promising! I have been squeezing in practice as always. Wednesday 9th October I practised on the train and did a walking meditation. Total practice time: 20 minutes Thursday 10th I  only managed two 3 minute breathing spaces!  Total practice time: 6 minutes Friday 11th I made up for my slackness and made sure, alongside my regular morning 3 minute breathing space that I did a waling meditation and a pre school pick up meditation – very therapeutic when one of your kids often bolts without even saying hello  Total practice time: 20 minutes Today, Saturday 12th I did yoga, Chi Qong and mindful movement before doing a sitting down meditation for 20 minutes  Total practice time: 1 hour

Tuesday 8th October 2013

Equilibrium has almost been restored! I did spend a lot of time today faffing around, avoiding doing my schemes of work for my new classes but I managed to start the day as ever with a 3 minute breathing space. I did a walking meditation (10mins) and then did a 15 minute sitting meditation at a quiet moment during the day. Feeling very balanced! Total practice time today: 30 minutes. Yesterday I did ten minutes on the train, standing and then 15 minutes sitting during a quiet moment before picking up the kids. I also did a walking meditation for 5 mins. Total practice time yesterday: 30 minutes

Saturday 5th October 2013

Work, courses, kids and life in general have all been taking up my time. I made sure I did a 30 minute body scan today before even getting out of bed. Yesterday I did 15 minutes as the kids were being put to bed by the hubby, the scream fest that ensued was probably not the most conducive to meditation but true to the spirit of mindfulness, I just do it when I can. Thursday I managed 10 minutes and on Wednesday I practised on the train. I had forgotten my book which at first made me kick myself but then I decided to meditate for the whole 25 minute journey. I arrived at work feeling wonderfully collected and calm. Now when I see someone on the tube or train with their eyes closed I wonder curiously if they are sleeping or, like me, meditating. Total practice time: today 30 minutes, Friday 20 minutes, Thursday 10 minutes, Wednesday 25 minutes.

Tuesday 1st October 2013

Trying to organise the new course is more time consuming than I first thought it would be. I have tweaked my flyers and posters, I have been contacting different places to advertise but guess what? That has been squeezing out my practice time. Saturday 29/09/13 I did a body scan first thing in the morning for 30 minutes. Sunday 30/09/13 I went into London and only managed 10 minutes on the train, ditto yesterday.  I started today with a 3 minute breathing space which always really sets the day off well but I need to remember to make time for something more substantial later on.