MBLC Overview, Practices & Terms & Conditions

Eight Week Mindfulness-Based Living Course (MBLC) Overview

The Eight Week Mindfulness-Based Living Course (MBLC) is an experiential course, with the main emphasis being on meditation practice, it can be delivered in weekly or fortnightly sessions. Teacher-talk time is kept to a minimum to allow for more practice and inquiry in class and support around the home practice. During the course there will be readings and group sharing (known as inquiry) to aid learning and participation. There will also be some gentle movement and walking.

The MBLC aims to provide a safe secular space where your meditation practice can be nurtured. The class size may be as small as 4 people with a maximum of 16 (venue depending). To get a positive group dynamic it’s hoped that all participants treat each other, the facilitator and themselves with kindness and respect, as best they can.

Please note the final session often contains some extended guided silent practice. At this stage the meditations will be more spacious and have less guidance.

Home practice is an essential part of the MBLC and will take about 20-40 minutes each day during the course. If you cannot commit to this level of home practice this may not be the best time to undertake the course. It is also expected that participants read the relevant section of the workbook or session worksheet each week.

Read the Course Overview and Terms and Conditions for the Eight Week MBLC here: MBLC Overview and Terms and Conditions

MBLC Week by Week Guided Meditation Tracks 

Week 1 Settling Practice:

Week 2 The Bodyscan:

Week 3 Settling, Grounding and Resting with Breath Support:

Week 4 Settling, Grounding and Resting with Sound Support:

3-Minute Breathing Space (from Frantic World Website):

Week 5 Befriending for Others Practice:

Week 6  Befriending Practice:

Week 7 RAIN:


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