Mindfulness-Based Integrative Counselling

As well as teaching mindfulness in groups and 1-2-1,  I am an integrative counsellor and registered member of the BACP. I also have extensive training in  trauma informed approaches. My therapeutic model draws on person centred approaches, present moment awareness, psychodynamic concepts and the existential givens. Working collaboratively with a client, together we set a focus for the work to better enable a sense of well-being, self-compassion, resources and change. Read more about my trauma and therapeutic training here: Updated Doc coming soon

These sessions can be delivered in person or online, depending on location.

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I have also trained in EMDR which can be incorporated into this work to help clients better process trauma, shame or guilt if appropriate and to remove blocks or help identify unhelpful behaviour patterns. I participate in supervision to ensure all work is client-centred and ethical.

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Three Stages of Trauma Recovery

Using a variety of tools can help clients shift and change.

Stage 1: Stabilisation – Mindfulness, Movement, Building Resources, Narrative Work, Building Trust and Rapport – stage 1 can take weeks, months or even years.

Stage 2: Processing – using a relational person centred approach to deliver EMDR when client is stable and ready.

Stage 3: Integration – setting goals and future plans, narrative work to retell and integrate your story.

At any of the stages we can use mindfulness, body work and resourcing to continue to support growth and change.

Please contact me for further details on Mindfulness-Based Integrative Counselling or one-to-one work Contact

One-to-one rates:

Online session (50 minutes) £30-50 (individual/public sector/low income)/£50-60 (private sector/medium/high income)

In person session (50 minutes Stratford/Bishops Stortford only) £40-65 depending on the location/time/income

NB: I have undertaken BACP, OU and Counselling Tutor training in delivering online wellbeing and counselling sessions and have been delivering support this way since 2020.

All of the mindfulness courses and trainings offered to groups can also be delivered on a 1-2-1 basis. This can be delivered online or in-person. This could be at the start of someone’s mindfulness journey or as a top up to skills already learned.


Small Group Rates:

One Hour Session – £65-95 depending on the location/time/online/in-person


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