Monthly Archives: January 2014

Thursday 30th January 2014

I can vouch that this mindfulness stuff really works! I know I would say this – I am a passionate practitioner and teacher but today I had a moment or several, when I could feel such a fundamental change in my perspective. Today my perspective on several events were so different to how they would’ve been a year or so ago. First walking the kids home from school with two of their friends we see a fire engine outside our house. A while ago I would have assumed the worst and thought my house was on fire but today I felt only curiosity. The kids got to sit in a fire engine as well which was a nice start to any play date! Then the play date itself: two five year olds and two four year olds under one roof, this was the type of situation that would see me feeling stressed but today I surprised myself by enjoying it. Today’s total practice time: 20 minutes


Wednesday 15th January 2014

It’s been a busy day, contracts signed on the Muswell Hill venue, flyers distributed. Now the waiting begins. I didn’t take a book with me on my commute to work – I am between books. So I meditated, a lot! It’s a long round trip so I reckon I clocked up around an hour which is not bad for a work day and unheard of when I am with the kids at home! Today’s total practice time: 1 hour

Tuesday 7th January 2014

Getting rid of the strive for perfection and being your own best friend are two great lessons mindfulness can teach. I saw old friends over the holidays and there was a lot of comparing – who is doing what, living where, earning how much? I listened and realised I have let go of striving some time ago.  I also realise the more I practice the better life feels – can you become addicted to meditation like some people do to running? I guess there are worse addictions to have and my time on-line still mostly outweighs my time meditating, so I am not concerned as yet! Today’s total practice time: 30 mins

Saturday 4th January 2014

Every January for the last ten years I have detoxed. It has become part of my calendar, alongside Christmas, New year and loved ones birthdays. It sits at the beginning of January like an old friend and some years I have longed to get on with it. Other years I have thought I don’t really need to do this. When I was pregnant it was a perfect excuse for not drinking so no one suspected for months! I usually do a 3 day fruit detox to kick things off followed by a few weeks of vegan, alcohol free living. By February I have usually had enough. But this year I could not complete my 3 day fruit detox, I felt awful, hungry and slightly ill so after two very long days, during which I still had to cook for the kids, I decided life is too short. The vegan part of the detox feels like pure bliss in comparison. I can easily go without meat, dairy and alcohol, just don’t deny me carbohydrates! Meditating was the one enjoyable part of the fruit detox this year, to quieten my hungry thoughts and focus on the breath was pure relief! And today having cast aside the fruit detox I did yoga, chi qong and an extended meditation. Total practice time today: 1 hour

Thursday 2nd January 2014

It was possibly the best festive season I have had for a while. I didn’t drink too much, I did eat far too many chocolates but I managed to meditate everyday even though surrounded by family and merriment. I felt like it’s now so embedded in me – to meditate everyday – that remembering it was no longer an issue and amidst all the mayhem of Christmas I loved my 15 minutes of peace that I carved out for myself each day. It has inspired me to attempt to get a course running in Muswell Hill – I have a venue in mind, have ordered flyers so watch this space for more news! Today’s total practice time: 15 minutes