Saturday 5th October 2013

Work, courses, kids and life in general have all been taking up my time. I made sure I did a 30 minute body scan today before even getting out of bed. Yesterday I did 15 minutes as the kids were being put to bed by the hubby, the scream fest that ensued was probably not the most conducive to meditation but true to the spirit of mindfulness, I just do it when I can. Thursday I managed 10 minutes and on Wednesday I practised on the train. I had forgotten my book which at first made me kick myself but then I decided to meditate for the whole 25 minute journey. I arrived at work feeling wonderfully collected and calm. Now when I see someone on the tube or train with their eyes closed I wonder curiously if they are sleeping or, like me, meditating. Total practice time: today 30 minutes, Friday 20 minutes, Thursday 10 minutes, Wednesday 25 minutes.


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