Sunday 24th November 2013

I went to an all day silent retreat. It was good to be there and meditate (and eat and walk and sit) in silence. So good and nourishing. Just what I needed before the Christmas mayhem ensues. I almost didn’t go as there are engineering works at the weekends and so my journey to London is currently 5 hours round trip. Would it be worth it? It was. The chairs were uncomfortable and the teacher did too much sitting practice and not enough movement and no lying meditations, which I have to admit (coupled with my 5 hrs travel time) made it a rather uncomfortable day. But it was still so good to do and has renewed and reminded me why I want to teach mindfulness myself. This morning I even meditated with both my kids – something I have been meaning to do since summer but somehow it slipped off the list. Feeling very connected. Total practice time yesterday:6 hours (oh yes!)  Total practice time today: 30 minutes (back to normal!) 


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