Grow Mindfulness Launch

A few months ago I was invited by the Grow Mindfulness group to their launch event at Westminster University that took place on Friday 13th March. I put it in my diary made a few inquiries about who could pick up the kids for me that day and with childcare secured, booked my free ticket,

Being in London on a Friday was a habit buster in itself and knowing the kids were being picked up by their favourite substitute to me – their dad – was lovely. Knowing everyone was happy I left early and chanced upon Dermot O’Leary’s dance-athon (it was red nose day and the BBC headquarters are two minutes from Westminster Uni) which further renewed the feeling that I was doing something a bit different and exciting on a school day (I’m a parent of 2 young kids with a very fixed schedule – so it doesn’t take much!)

The event itself was a good chance to network with other mindfulness teachers – much needed when so many of us work in our own little bubbles most of the time. There was an excellent talk on the neuroscience that backs up and supports everything we do when we teach these courses. On my courses I try to point out that it isn’t just Buddhists we need to doff our caps to, it’s the neuro-scientists who have proven with the help of MRIs that these practices can change our brains, helping us shift from the amygdala towards the insula.

But what was most heartening was that Grow Mindfulness is a grassroots organisation that literally wants to grow mindfulness and widen access to the eight week courses. Made up of committed passionate women from working class backgrounds, it was so heartening to hear them talk about broadening our scope and making sure everyone who needs mindfulness has some in their lives.

Quite how we will do this is still to be decided and without doubt the journey maybe a challenge but I left with a heart felt sense that this is an organisation that wants to shake things up a bit while connecting and supporting those at the very heart of mindfulness provision. That is an organisation worth supporting.

Today’s total practice time: 30 minutes seated meditation


2 thoughts on “Grow Mindfulness Launch

  1. Becky, thank you very much for your beautiful post. I am sitting here feeling so touched by your wonderful words. Also, heartened that we managed to communicate ‘what we’re about’ at the launch. I don’t enjoy ‘limelight’ but I feel so strongly that we can do so much more to improve access to mindfulness, that I’ve had to step into the spotlight – I’m wearing sunglasses and hoping you will all catch me if I fall, in this lovely net of community we’re growing 😉

    It’s a complete privilege to connect with you and people like you – thank you for making the time to come to the event and for the work that you do as we travel together down this road. We can’t wait to see what we all do together.
    warm wishes, Susan @growmindfulness

    1. Thank you for hosting such an inspiring event and sharing your vision. I look forward to watching this community grow and support each other (and I will get around to joining very soon!) X

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